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Why Choose Kobault?

Here at Kobault we pride ourselves on the personal touch and our excellent communication skills with our clients. Throughout the entire development process our aim is to ensure you know exactly how we're progressing with development of your website at all times.

Call, email or simply drop in and we'll do everything in our power to accommodate you! We believe this has been the key to gaining a large portfolio of business websites from all sectors. We want to see your business succeed online and we love helping small businesses which is why our pricing is structured in such a simple, affordable way.

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Our Journey

Our Experience & Expertise...

Choosing a well known, established company to handle your web design project is a must. Not only do you benefit from knowing your website is in safe hands, we also provide advice, guidance and support on how your website could be built and any additional services you may benefit from in order to take your business to the next level.

Our Process

We’re dedicated to making our clients successful! This is how we work.

Initial Meeting

The first step to your new online presence.

Phone Call

The first step in getting your new website started is a brief phone call with us. We use this time to find out a little bit about your business and your goals before arranging a meeting to take discussions further. We'll typically find out if you have an existing site, branding or colour schemes or if you require these to be created.


In most cases we meet clients in our office in Carrickfergus. The initial meeting is the most important for us as it's when we'll chat to you about possible features to be implemented and what we can do for you. We'll take a look at our portfolio and any competitor sites to get a feel for the design you'll love.


Shortly after we meet up with you we'll send over a full summary of all of the points we talked about along with a full list of content required for the site. This generally ranges from images, videos, contact information and any products for an eCommerce solution if required. We then begin the research and strategy planning.


Planning your ideal website.


After having met with you we spend some time researching your industry, clientele and competitors to gain a better understanding of your business sector. This allows us to see if there are any specific features or content your clients will expect to see on your website.


The next step is planning our time efficiently to get your website designed, approved, built and live as quickly as possible. From our perspective this involves planning around other ongoing projects and allocating time for your project with our team.


We require your input for text content to be placed on your website. This is even more important for new businesses without an existing website. In the initial meeting stage we let you know what we need from you. The quicker we receive that, the quicker we can get your site online.


Crafting the perfect, tailored design for your business.


Not all business require new branding and colour schemes but for those that do we begin creating multiple logo ideas that represent your business and your personality. We'll then pass the mockups on to you for feedback and your choice of logo and colour scheme to be used on the website.


After having agreed which pages you'd like on your site we put together initial wireframe mockups showing the ways in which we can approach the layout. After carefully considering these we move on to designing the page with your branding, colour schemes and fonts in mind.


As soon as we're finished mocking up the site we'll send you images so you can see what we have in mind for your project and get your feedback. We expect that you'll have some small changes to the designs and after hearing your thoughts we will make adjustments where necessary.


The final stages of the project to get your business online!

Build Process

Once you're happy with the design of the site we begin building it to the exact specification that we discussed. We'll use your content, branding, imagery, etc. on all pages and where applicable we'll add products to an eCommerce shop too. You'll be given a preview link too so you can follow along with our progress.

Testing & Responsive

After we have built the website we focus on making every page responsive on mobiles devices. This allows us to style each page individually. We then begin the testing process which involves testing the site on multiple browsers and devices and all functionality such as contact forms and payment gateways.

Going Live

The final stage of putting your website online is to put it live on your domain name, whether that's registered through us or elsewhere. Once we get your final approval we'll put the website online for all of your customers to see. We'll also add up any email accounts you may want on your domain.